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Phase 2A: Full Liquid

"The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones."

— William Faulkner


You may follow this in between the clear liquid and pureed phases as directed by your surgeon. This phase introduces protein along with drinking enough fluid to promote weight loss during the first weeks after surgery.

Suggested Recipes

Recommended Choices for the Full Liquid Phase

Check off ingredients as you shop!
  • Skim milk with protein powder or non fat dry milk
  • Choose a protein drink with at least 20 grams of protein/8 ounces. The protein drink should have whey protein isolate or caseinate as one of the ingredients, preferably the first ingredient. Other acceptable proteins as part of the protein blend in the drink would be soy protein isolate and calcium caseinate.
  • Light yogurt or light Greek yogurt
  • Blended cream soups with added baby food meat or finely minced meat.


  • Continue to stay hydrated and drink at least 48-64 ounces of fluid per day.
  • Do not exceed one ½ cup serving of full liquids at each meal.
  • A Protein supplement will help you meet your daily protein requirements. Drink it in between meals. You can use as a meal substitute or snack pending total protein intake
  • Wait at least thirty minutes between eating and drinking.
  • Remember that your stomach is still in the early stages of recovering from surgery. Remember to drink slowly and sip a beverage to avoid becoming nauseated.
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